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Chia Benefits

Chia Seed to your product and boost its health benefits with a relevant quantity of Omega-3, Fibre, Proteins, Antioxidants & essential Minerals!

Chia Seed

Upgrade your branded Product to a Functional Food or Beverage

Add Chia Seed to your product and boost its health benefits with a relevant quantity of Omega-3, Fibre, Proteins, Antioxidants & essential Minerals!


Light nutty taste, odourless, easy to add to your recipes without altering its taste.

Effects on your product:

-Significantly lowers the Glycemic Index (GI) of the final product
-High Organic Molecules Absorption Capacity (OMAC)
-Maintains digestive health
5% of Ford Foods Chia seed added to your product grant in a 100g portion of your final product :
*more than 1g of Omega-3 ALA
*more than 2g of Fibre
*1g of Protein
*a high percentage of Antioxidants and Minerals.

Labelling GMO Free, Kosher, Gluten Free
Quality Certifications:

Full Traceability, guarantee for a 99.9% purity, GlobalGAP, GMP & HACCP Certifications (Latu Systems)

Marketing Concepts & Related Claims / Labelling Suggestions for your Product:

We believe that an adequate communication is as important as adding health benefits to a food or drink product.

CHIA CORP is the right partner to help the food industry develop tailor-made marketing concepts and enable food producers to position their product effectively and legally on the market.

-support clear and credible health messages.

Creating an attractive and healthy product is the first part of the whole process. Seducing consumers with a clear positioning and understanding of your product is the second part of the process.

-are positive, convincing and straightforward

Fortunately, Ford Foods Chia's numerous health benefits will enable you to choose the claim and the approach that best suits your product

-are based on solid scientific data

Target Groups:

All our claims :

Children, Pregnant women, Healthy adults and Elderly People

Highly recommended / Adapted for:
Vegetarians, Diabetes and Celiacs

Nutritional Supplement for:

Hypertension, Bowel/ intestinal disease, Irritable Colon , Constipation , Hyper cholesterol and Weight Management problems.


People with:

Towards successful applications

Breakfast Cereals.

Ford Foods R&D; team works together with the food industry to help food developers determine the right way to use our ingredients in their application, understand how ingredients behave and what their advantages are. Please contact us if you like more information about an application file.

Ford Foods benefits of an extensive experience in hugely successful product applications.
Ford Foods ingredients can be used in many different product categories such as for example:

Baked Goods
Cereal Bars

Nutritional Content and Benefits
Discover the amazingly rich nutritional content of the Chia seed

62% of the Total Fat is Omega-3!

41% of Total Dietetic Fibre (5% soluble, 36% insoluble)

21% of HBV Protein (High Biologic Value).

Contains all the essential amino acid (81,97g in 100g of Protein).

Gluten Free.

More than 20% DVA of essential Minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Phosphorus.

8200 um/TE ORAC in 100g.

Nutritional Facts
International Regulations:
When referring to the health benefits or nutritional properties of foods on packaging, local regulations have to be respected, as the use and exact wording of claims may change from country to country.
Ford Foods team offers experience and guidance, and works together with each market to ensure the local regulatory requirements are followed and carefully respected.